Sunday, 21 July 2013

(Re Updated and Post) My auditioned:)

Updated (20072013)  In 2012,I auditioned for SM entertainment but i got rejected.I guess because there was words where i pronounce wrongly . And i also felt that SM is such a big entertainment and is not talent level.This year , i went for Online JYP audition.I was contacted .I pick JYP instead eventhough im not a reallt huge fan of JYP.I was planning to try for Pledis or TS.I ended up trying for JYP as the rank is about the same level as me only slighty higher.I took JYP because i heard that they are very patience and kind. I rejected as i felt that after what i gone through 6 years for my preparation for PSLE,it would go to waste.And also , i have such a supportive friends  who are always on my side whether i was good or bad.I didn't want them to feel like sh¡t if i leave them.So i decide to stay instead.And i also didn't exactly finish kindergartem  and because of that i graduated from Kindergarten earlier.I didn't have a real graduation to me as to me it wasn't fair.I also felt that ,my friends will think i'm bragging because i got choosen and this oppottunity is rare.I want to be a actress or Singer since i was younger.Because in Kindergarten,i took a lot of drama ,there was some where i got to lose weight to be the character.It was tiring as when i was  younger,i was a backup dancer and would have to leave school early.Because i was sick and tired of losing weight and leaving school early,i then decide to gain weight so i can get kick out being a dancer.I don't have confidence speaking in front of the school .If i can't speak infront 1000 student and teacher,how am i going to have confidence performing i  front of 50000 people in each country?I am now slowly building my confidence.There will always  lot of thing i can try in the future.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Life Training in Korea.

I am not a trainee in Korea. I have audition for JYP and im now waiting for the result. I have feeling that i may be a trainee as  i have improve much more when i audition for JYP then SM.SM was my firat audition and i was very nervous when i audition.  I have some information regarding training.Different company,Different schedule.

Usually most company have lesson in average of 12 hours a day . They will train everyday except Sunday. Sunday will be their break. Most company would like to accept full korean or Korean-American. Now some company have Global audition or online Global audition . There is  company where up till now thry only accept Koreans.

Alpha Entertainment have 2 Singaporean in their company, Tasha and Ferlyn .They debut in a band call ' Skarf ' . Alpha look for those who have something in them that is special.

SM entertainment have a mix culture.They usually accept Korean,Korean-American and Chinese. Amber from f(x) is a Chinese-American.SM goes for people who can sing,fance and have good look

JYP have a lot of former trainee that is now very succesful like CL.JYP now have trainee from many religion. They say,getting in is easy but to get a chance to debut is very thin. Example : JYP is going to make girl and boy band but it will only consist of 4 member . Theres a total of 12 girls and 16 boys.They will then be seperate into 4 group and then in each group , only 1 get selected while the rest will have to train more,Transfered ,casted or Dropped depending on their progress

Foreign trainee plane ticket will be paid by their company. They will attend a international school . The company will pay for their classes,plane ticket and many more when they are trainee. Once they debut, they will handle the rest by themselve. Korean and Japanese lesson will be thought by the company.

There will also be counselling for students by the company incase they want to talk about their problem and how it's been like staying there. Usually foreigner would usually go as they are far apart from their Family .

I would recommend to join YG or JYP entertainment if i were you. I am a fan of YG , SM,Cube and TS entertainment. I'm not much fan of JYP.But i ended up taking JYP as i find that it suits me more and is around my level.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

The secret to learn korean fast :D

 It would sound unbelievable but it's possible! I speak a total of 4 language: English,Chinese,Malay and Korean.And you be impress that, i'm 12 years old. I'm now still learing korean as there are words where i dont know. It took me 6 months to speak fluent Korean. Here are my tips on how i started korean.

-Learn the basic. Learn the basic as those would help you incase you are travelling to korea in a month or week. It took me a week to remember all the basic.Practice always make perfects

2.Learn the characters
- Korean are easier to learn than Chinese and Japanese.Theres consonant,vowel,double consonant.Here are the words :

3. Dramas
-Pick up some words and Phrase by watching dramas.Pick up those words that are often used. Like    ajik,sarang,waegurae etc.. remember them 

4.Music are always your number 1 best friend
-Watch lyrics of your kpop song in english,romanized and hanguk altogether.I would recommend the song ' Lee Hi-Rose' and 2NE1 song. Get those where they display the eng,rom and hangul.Use google translator or online korean dictionary to translate. Once you learn the words,try singing the song in english and check if you are correct.

5. Go by topics
-Maybe you want to know learn all the sport name in korean. So get a notebook ready. Write all the sport name in korean and English.Don't write in romanized . Write in korean as they will train you.You then slowly learn topic by topic.

-NEVER BUY LEARNING APPLICATION!It's a total waste of won't help !Learning online through youtube also would help. i would recommend KWOW and koreanlesson101 as this were the one i approach to learn korean at first.

-SOV is the structure to form the letters.The subject come first followed by Obect and Verb. 

8.If this doesn't work, try finding class at low price. There is a convienient korean class near my neighbourhood and at the community Centre. They cost only $30 for every 6 lesson. That's $5 per lesson. But the lesson is 2 hours.And their training method work very well!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hello all Kpop bloggers and viewers!I am Naylee. My korean name is Choi Naylee( 최넬리).I'm asian so it best to know from someone who is asian,born in asia and learn history of korea :D This blog will be filled with kpop updates,memes,diets,comebacks.debut ,rumor and many more!My goal now is to be in a kpop band!I went for Sm audition,but didn't pass last year :(I'm gonna try to audition for ALL entertainment to see which entertainment suits me! It will take about a year or 2 to audition all and see which i get it! Will Update you !